490926193Our top 10 blog article of the year span an array of topics, from a patient story about a near death experience to a behind-the-scenes look at our new Mother-Baby Unit to answering your questions about childhood vaccines — and much more.

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  1. “Dying was the best thing that ever happened to me.”
  2. Your Vaccine Questions Answered
  3. We’re Expecting: Get a Sneak Peak of Our New Mother Baby Unit
  4. The Ticks Are Out! Get the Facts About Lyme Disease In Vermont
  5. We’re Expecting: Learn about the new private rooms in our new Mother-Baby Unit  
  6. It Takes a State: Why I Support the Removal of the Philosophical Exemption to Vaccination
  7. The Silent Killer: Do You Know What Venous Thrombosis Is? You Should.
  8. “How much water should I drink every day?”
  9. Vermont Ranks Highest in Incidence of Skin Cancer – How You Can Protect Yourself
  10. Obesity Epidemic: How to Protect Our Children from Falling Victim to It

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