Are you a first time marathoner or an experienced marathoner looking to improve your running performance at the Vermont City Marathon?   the UVM Medical Center is offering a series of classes to help you improve your experience. 

What will I learn?
Class topics include:

  • Nutrition (fueling for performance)
  • strength training (arm strength is important, too)
  • yoga (why flexibility matters)
  • injury prevention (getting me to the starting line healthy and happy).

This series will be taught by physical therapist Sue Dodge.  Sue has run over 20 marathons and has a 2:51 PR.  She has taught and coached numerous runners to finishing their first marathon and helped many others achieve a new personal record.

What are people saying about this series?

Previous participants of this series have had great things to say:

 “The process of running a marathon is a major commitment and a commitment that should not be taken lightly. You will learn so much more about yourself each day, especially during the long runs on the weekend.

During the … program that I completed with Sue, I was taught how to train safely and efficiently. Her program covered everything from running position to nutrition. We also covered injury prevention methods. When you are hurt and just cannot be out pounding the pavement Sue always seems to know some alternative training method to help keep you moving forward.

I could not have completed my first marathon without this class, my classmates, the guest speakers and, more importantly and especially Sue. And yes; I did complete my first marathon, which was on the same day as my birthday (VCM 2011).

No matter the distance that you want to cover for the first time or your hundredth time, I recommend this class to all runners.”  Matt

I learned so much in this class! Sue includes all the key aspects of marathon training including nutrition, strength training and mental preparation  …  Sue was able to give me paces to shoot for and I increased my speed significantly — I could see the evidence in races of all distances. I would recommend this class to new marathoners as well as people with a few marathons under their belt that are trying to improve their time. “ Christianna

Sign me Up!

The series begins on Monday, January 23rd from 5:30 to 6:30 and we will meet for a total of 16 sessions.   The cost of the class is $100 if preregistered by 1/9/12 or $125 if registered by the deadline of 1/17/12.  Please contact Sue at 802-847-0818 for additional information or 802-847-0193 ext. #1 to register.

Sue Dodge is a physical therapist at the UVM Medical Center.

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