Remember that classic school lunch favorite, tater tots? Well, we have just the update for you: sweet potato tots. The perfect fall side dish with a hint of nostalgia included in every bite. “The Vitamin A Sweet Potato” The nutritional value of the sweet potato is unbeatable! It is rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins B-5 […]

Looking for something hearty to start your day this fall? Veggie burger hash is the perfect dish! It will fill you right up and keep you warm during the cold winter months ahead. It is made using a classic fall food: the sweet potato. “The Vitamin A Sweet Potato” The nutritional value of the sweet potato […]

Kids need sleep. Without enough of it, they are at increased risk for behavioral problems, attentional difficulties and even obesity. The amount of sleep a child needs is variable and generally depends on the child’s age. The National Sleep Foundation reports that, on average, children need the following amount of sleep: Below 12 months of […]

Foot care is something we take for granted until we can no longer manage to do it. The UVM Medical Cente! witnessed this reality when elderly patients were admitted to our hospital in dire need of attention due to neglected toe nails and feet, often impeding their ability to wear shoes, exercise and even walk. […]

“Diabetes really hit me in the face. I was overwhelmed and discouraged. Even though my doctor is very good, I just didn’t know how to manage it at all.” That’s how Carol Menard, 76, describes feeling after a trip to the emergency room resulted in a diagnosis of diabetes and left her facing life living […]

How old were you when you started running? I was 10. Today, I run every day. Simply put, I love running and I run various events from relays to ultra-marathons.  This year, my next run is with the “Witness to Fitness” team at the Vermont City Marathon with a group of very different runners, from […]

Every day the news is full of health stories, but it can be difficult to know whether these stories are accurate or not. When reading news stories, keep these points in mind: Is it Really News?  Companies may issue press releases that appear to be news stories and sometimes are even run as news stories […]

I have been an employee at the UVM Medical Center for ten years, but this October I have officially been our Injury Prevention Coordinator for one year.  My position is part of a dynamic team of staff that makes up our Level 1 Trauma Center. This means we see the most severe injuries from around […]