Prescribing regulations are relaxed to keep recovery on track Michelle Cangiano, MD, typically sees patients in person to keep them on track with their medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder. Under existing rules for prescribing buprenorphine, a drug used to reduce opioid cravings and the effects of withdrawal, providers must meet face-to-face with patients […]

Jon Porter, MD, understands the complexity of the opioid-prescribing debate all too well. Dr. Porter is medical director of University of Vermont Medical Center’s Comprehensive Pain Program, which includes alternative therapies to manage chronic pain. But he’s also a prescriber for dozens of long-term patients who continue to receive elevated doses of opioids. The welfare […]

How old were you when you started running? I was 10. Today, I run every day. Simply put, I love running and I run various events from relays to ultra-marathons.  This year, my next run is with the “Witness to Fitness” team at the Vermont City Marathon with a group of very different runners, from […]