Recently parents have been asking me a mouthful of questions about their child having something called celiac disease. Let me see if I can help them, and you, digest some information on gluten and celiac.   Gluten is the term used for a group of proteins found in grains including wheat, rye and barley. Gluten is the second most consumed ingredient in our […]

A few years ago, I was driving my son and his three teammates to a hockey tournament in Montreal when I noticed it was oddly quiet in my car. Looking around, I saw four boys, all best pals, texting each other while they sat in the same car. That is when the GLOVE BOX RULE was born […]

“Hi, I’m Rebecca with Art from the Heart. Do you want to make paper airplanes to fly at your doctors or nurses?” As volunteers visiting patients and families at The University of Vermont Children’s Hospital at the UVM Medical Center, we need quick and playful ways to evaluate how to offer support and offer families […]