Remember that classic school lunch favorite, tater tots? Well, we have just the update for you: sweet potato tots. The perfect fall side dish with a hint of nostalgia included in every bite. “The Vitamin A Sweet Potato” The nutritional value of the sweet potato is unbeatable! It is rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins B-5 […]

You may have heard of the Mediterranean diet.  It came to light some 50 years ago, when researchers attributed the very low rates of heart disease in men on the Greek island of Crete to their traditional diet, as well as the hard outdoor work they did.  Since then, many other studies have demonstrated links […]

Did you happen to catch the story on WCAX last week about diabetes and bariatric surgery? What you might not know is that the patient interviewed received her bariatric surgery at the University of Vermont Medical Center.  She is only one of many people to have successfully undergone a bariatric surgery procedure here at the […]