525123337Volunteering is a great way to improve your community well-being. Community well-being is focused on activities that promote supportive relationships and having pride in our community. Volunteering helps you give back your community and increases your sense of community where you live, work or play.

If you are new to volunteering, you may want to think about what type you want to be involved in and how much time you are able to commit.  There are many types of volunteer opportunities available including large venues, non-profits, mentorships and more. Some of these opportunities may have time commitments. For example, an organization may want a weekly commitment of ten hours. Sit down a look at your schedule to determine where this may fit in your life and how much support you can realistically provide to an organization.

Once you have decided what area you would like to volunteer in and how much time you can give, the next step is finding out how to get involved. Our friends at The Chittenden County United Way is a great place to start.   Here you will find local volunteering opportunities and community events to be involved in.   This community organization has created the Volunteer Connection, an online database that is frequently updated by local organizations for volunteering options for Vermonters. You can find contact information, requested service and time commitment all in one place.

If none of these opportunities fit your needs, ask one of your favorite local organizations if there is any way you can help out. Sometimes just asking the question can lead to many new and exciting volunteering opportunities.

In 2015, the University of Vermont Medical Center and Employee Wellness challenges you to volunteer at least one time during the year.  Improve your health and your community’s well-being all at once!

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