RackCard_GivingDonationFundraising346In 2013, our team of clinical nutritionists shared advice on how to change your diet to be happy, healthy and energized. Whether you’re going gluten-free, just bought a juicer (and don’t know what to do with it!), or want to try the Mediterranean diet, we have got information for you.

Kim Evans, RD: “What Do I Need To Know About Juicing?” (Recipes included!)

“When it comes to good nutrition, I am always trying to get people to step outside of their comfort zone to try a new food that might add to their health. Juices can be an inviting and colorful way to try something new. Even kids have a hard time not being curious about the bright orange, bright red, and bright green beverages! Start with a few sips and keep an open mind…”

Emily Piazza, MS, RD, CD: “Going Without Gluten: Can You Make It Work?”

“Have no fear: a gluten free diet can be healthy and delicious! Here’s why and how…”

Maryann Ludlow, RD: “The Mediterranean Diet: A Tried and True Health Way of Eating Gets New Kudos”

“You may have heard of the Mediterranean diet.  It came to light some 50 years ago, when researchers attributed the very low rates of heart disease in men on the Greek island of Crete to their traditional diet, as well as the hard outdoor work they did.  Since then, many other studies have demonstrated links between the Mediterranean diet and various health benefits…”

Maryann Ludlow, RD: “4 Ways to Cool Chronic Inflammation With an Anti-Inflammatory Diet”

“Many components of healthy foods are, in fact, anti-inflammatory – and while we want to REDUCE the pro-inflammatory foods mentioned above, increasing our consumption of anti-inflammatory foods is also important.  Here are a few simple ideas for cooling the fires of chronic inflammation…”

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