Vector fitness app and tracker

Today’s tracking apps can be very helpful. In fact, tracking is one of the best tools you can use to monitor health and wellness beacause it helps you to catch when things aren’t going so well. So, try one of these weight loss and maintenance apps today to keep your weight under control!

Calorie Counter

Compatible: with Apple, Android, and Blackberry.

This app: tracks food, exercise, weight, nutrients, includes inspirational articles, healthy recipes, and easy-to-use help section.

Pros: analysis section includes charts, includes logging-by-voice, large database of food, bar code scanner helps identify and log foods, offers group support through forums, and is free of cost.

Cons: lengthy registration process & app can crash.

Bottom Line: The app is great but only includes calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. It should be used under the guidance of an RD to track the amount of sodium, fiber saturated fat, and other important nutrients.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

Compatible: with Apple, Android, and Blackberry.

This app: is designed to help you lose weight and track fitness goals. You can input and edit goals, enter caloric intake (food) and output (exercise), and view the progress screen that represents how you are doing as you work toward your goals.

Pros: the app offers tutorial videos, offers analysis of fat, carbohydrates, protein, and calories PLUS offers iron, calcium, vitamin A, C, and potassium, includes database of 350+ fitness exercises, provides weekly average of progress; provides large food database and is free of cost.

Cons: database content is average and it is not as visually appealing as other similar apps.

Bottom Line: The extra nutrient analysis is great since most people are lacking in these areas. With the help of this app and guidance of an RD, you can see how much you are lacking or consuming at the end of the day and you can build your eating plan accordingly.

Diet and Food Tracker from SparkPeople

Compatible: with Apple, Android, and Blackberry.

This app: is for people who are looking to lose .5- 2lbs per week or to maintain weight. It keeps track of daily consumption by keeping a log of calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein. Customized daily meal plans and goals, as well as a weigh-in page.

Pros: Easy to log in foods, extensive list of exercises and foods, counts backward with calories for the day, keeps track of workouts and calories burned, monitors progress through weigh-in page, and is free of cost.

Cons: Saturated fat, sodium, and fiber are not tracked.

Bottom Line: It is recommended for tracking consumption, but it should be used under the guidance of an RD.

Lose it!

Compatible: with Apple, Android, Nook, Kindle, and on the web.

This app: keeps track of foods you eat with a detailed database. Primarily for people wanting to lose weight.

Pros: When keeping track of foods eaten, it starts with your goal of calories and subtracts every time a food is entered so you see how many calories you have left, it is fairly easy to log foods and navigate the app, you can add your own recipes and keep a list of foods most often consumed, offers reminders if you forget to log food, and is free of cost.

Cons: Database could be larger (is missing many name brand foods) and not all foods include all of the nutrients.

Bottom Line: It is great as a basic food log that will help a person keep track of foods while wanting to lose weight. The app is mainly for people wanting to lose weight, but may also be helpful to a person with diabetes.

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