Many people take dietary supplements. In “When in Doubt, Check it Out: How to Get Reliable Health Information,” I discussed some websites (Medical News Today, MedlinePlus Health News, and that are useful for researching herbal and dietary supplements. Every week, there are new studies and reports published about dietary supplements.

I want to share with you two websites where you can go to find the latest news about dietary supplements.

Science Daily is a science news web site that gathers all kinds of news stories in one place. The website includes breaking news stories as well as access to thousands of published news articles and research papers. There is a special section just for dietary supplements. For each topic there are several tabs across the screen (News, Articles, Videos, Images, Books, RSS Email). These tabs allow you to stay informed in several ways. You can scan the news by clicking on the News tab. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed for this topic and lastly you can sign up for a free e-mail newsletter.

The Food and Drug Administration is the federal agency that regulates dietary supplements. Their consumer update website has a section specifically on dietary supplements. Among the recent updates is information on recalled products and alerts about unsafe supplements. You can check the site regularly, sign up to have consumer updates emailed to you, or subscribe to the consumer updates RSS feed.

Remember, when you meet with your healthcare providers it is important that you tell them about any supplements, vitamins or minerals you take, as well as any other over-the-counter medications.

If you need help finding health information, please contact the Frymoyer Community Health Resource Center at the University of Vermont Medical Center. Our phone number is 802-847-8821 and our e-mail is

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Alan Lampson, M.L.S., is a medical librarian, a Consumer Health Information Specialist and the Lead of the Frymoyer Community Health Resource Center at the UVM Medical Center.

Alan Lampson, M.L.S., is a medical librarian and the lead of the Frymoyer Community Health Resource Center. He has been a librarian for 29 years and has his Level II designation as Consumer Health Information Specialist.

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