Creating a goal and picking one date, once a year to get started is a routine that so many follow. More often than not, that goal remains the same year in and year out. Whether it is losing weight, making changes to your diet, or getting fit and healthy, the pressure of creating a New Year’s resolution can ruin your success before you really have a chance to make progress. Get a jumpstart on your resolution this year by following these steps.

Start Early!

First off, start early! Why wait for the New Year to roll around to start working toward a better you? There is so much time between now and the New Year, and each of those days is a new opportunity to start fresh.

Create Small Goals

Ask yourself, how are you going to complete your resolution? Take the ladder approach, creating small goals as each rung of a ladder that will ultimately get you to the top. Not only will these small goals keep you on track, but they will give you a sense of accomplishment along the way.

Create Realistic Goals

Not only should your goals include small, achievable steps, but they should also be realistic. Start small and within reach so as not to get discouraged along the way. The goal with creating a resolution should be to find something that will stick and is sustainable, ultimately improving your life in some way.

Enlist the Help of Friends

Talk about your goals to make others aware, that way they can support you and hold you accountable to your goals. In talking about your goals, you may find that others have similar, if not the same, goals. For greater motivation and accountability, work together to make progress toward your end goal.

Reduce Stress

Making a New Year’s resolution is an obligation for some, bringing with it high expectations and added stress. Neglecting to follow through on a New Year’s resolution can be discouraging and ruin commitment to the goal you set out to complete in the first place. Starting early, without the trademarked resolution holiday and hype, will reduce the stress around completing your goal.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

The beauty of getting a start early on your resolutions is you don’t have to beat yourself up with pressure and expectations. It’s okay to have road bumps along the way. What is important is staying consistent and committed through the process.

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