That’s all it takes to start on your way to better health. Research shows that small changes in how you eat, sleep, and move can have ripple effects. And those effects can lead to big rewards, from lower blood pressure to disease prevention to the biggest reward of all—more healthy years with the people and life you love.

Our new website—One Small Thing and the Healthy Tips Challenge—can help you find small ways to be healthier and stay motivated. So you can turn small choices into healthy habits—and healthy habits into lasting results. And did we mention the chance to win over $500 in prizes to help you meet and keep your goals?

Sign on to making small changes in 2019!

One small thing can change everything

ONE meal affects your whole day. When you start your day with a healthy breakfast, you give yourself the energy to exercise and make healthy choices. Good food is the fuel that drives a good day.

ONE bout of physical activity sets you up for success all day. Moving for just 10 minutes in the morning can help put you in a better, more relaxed mood for the rest of the day. And that can help you be a better boss, colleague, parent, and partner.

ONE night of good sleep restores so much. A solid night of sleep (7-9 hours) can help to reduce your stress, improve your mood and memory, lower your blood pressure, crave less junk food, and even help fight off sickness.

Start small, start now on your way to better health]

With One Small Thing and the Healthy Tips Challenge, you can choose one small thing you want to commit to changing—in the way you eat, recharge, or sleep. We’ll help you stick to it with tips, inspiring videos, podcasts, and articles, practical prizes, and a community of support.

Get started on your One Small Thing.


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