Are you having a hard time keeping your New Year’s resolutions? You’re not alone. That’s why we are launching the “Resolution Reboot” Facebook Challenge!

Most of us have already stumbled with our resolutions, but there is another issue. The fitness and nutrition goals we have might not be the resolutions we most need. That’s because there is more to well-being than what you eat and how you exercise. That’s why it is time to rethink our resolutions and give them a whole new start. It’s time for a Resolution Reboot.




What is Well-being?

Nutrition and physical health is a good start, but there is also interpersonal relationships (social well-being), your workplace and job (career well-being), your budgeting, retirement, and spending (financial well-being), and how you connect with the world around you (community well-being). In short, to be fit is to be healthy and balanced in five areas of your life:



We’re Making Wellness Worth Your Time

From January 26 until February 13, we will post healthy tips (fitness, nutrition, and much more), advice, and inspiration on our Facebook Page.

We will have a weekly prize drawing of a $150 gift card to L.L. Bean to help support your resolution efforts, generously given by New England Federal Credit Union. On February 16, there will be a drawing for a grand prize of a Wellness Spa Trip for Two to Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa, generously given by Stoweflake.

How To Win

Participation is easy! To enter the giveaway:

At the end of each week, there will be an activity to complete in order to be eligible to win of the weekly prizes. It could be a quiz. You might need to post a photo. Or, we could ask you to take a survey. Plus, every like and comment on a Resolution Reboot post is an entry to win the Grand Prize.

It’s that simple (and fun!). Visit our Facebook page for more information, official rules, and giveaway guidelines. So get involved. You will improve your well-being — and, you will improve your chances to win.

Note: You can leave a comment on this blog post with your resolution and where you are at as an entry into the giveaway.

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