National Midwifery Week is October 4-10, 2015. So, we are taking time to celebrate our team of midwives – through their very own words of wisdom.

Below are answers to the question: “What is the greatest piece of advice or wisdom that your midwife shared with you?”

Add yours – with or without a photo – as a comment below and we may include it in this blog!

From Erin G.:

“Using the midwives at the UVM Medical Center for the prenatal care and delivery of my two children had a profound impact on me. With each prenatal appointment, I would go in with worries, and I would leave feeling stronger and more confident that I could trust my body to grow and deliver a baby. When the time came for labor and delivery, the midwives were there with guidance and support, yet they let my body lead the experience. In doing so, I realized an inner strength that I never could have imagined. That is something that I will always carry with me, and I am forever grateful for the generous care I received from my midwives.”

From Laura L.:

“Recently I was told to ‘do nothing,’ to rest, and focus only on taking care of myself and our new baby. I needed the reminder that my body still has healing to do and that it is ok – and important – for me to take the time that is needed to recover physically from birthing our daughter…I feel blessed that I have been able to experience the service, care, and support the midwives provide. The support and encouragement of my desire to have a VBAC is something I will never be able to thank them for properly.”

From Vanessa B.:

“’Love Bomb’ your older child. Create a support network of family and friends that can lavish your older child with attention in the early weeks after you bring your baby home (or, in my case babies! I had twins with my second pregnancy). All the extra attention helps the older child adjust more easily to having Mom be more focused on the new addition.”

From Jenn A.:

“The best piece of wisdom a midwife gave me was that there was never anything wrong with trusting your mother’s intuition/instinct. In pregnancy, I found that to be true, and I usually found that there was good reason to have acted instead of quieting that voice. I still use that same advice in my parenting, and it has allowed me to have a better relationship with my children because they are getting their most basic needs met. It’s all because of that instinct, and I have learned to put my faith in it.”

From Casey C.:

“Simple, but true: It’s okay to feel how you feel.”

From Alicia and Violet T.:

“Remain open to whatever happens. We all have a vision in our heads of what our ideal birth looks like, but it’s important to be forgiving and kind to yourself if things don’t go exactly as planned.”

From Tina B.:

“With the midwives, I felt fully supported and had confidence that everything would play out just as it should… I look back at it with a huge smile on my face.”

From Jordan V.: 

“‘Don’t worry, it is not a big baby for this part of the world’ is one funny sentence that stands out in my mind (from Krista when I foolishly asked if the baby was big!), but overall I would say the advice to BE OPEN to the experience and try not to be rigid with preconceived notions about what you think you will need, as birth is a total surprise experience and no two are the same, just like babies.”

From Cory S.:

“It’s a new journey being a midwife myself and now going through pregnancy for the first time. One of my midwife colleagues shared these words of wisdom in anticipation of my birth and parenting: ‘Surrender to the present moment. Whatever seems hard will change.’ I imagine these words will carry me through labor and beyond.”

From Edwige K.:

“The greatest piece of advice or wisdom was the importance of mother and baby skin to skin contact.”

From Liz S.:

“I was a patient of the UVM Medical Center midwives with my first child and now with my second because I truly value how they treat their patients. I remember one nugget of wisdom in particular being ‘It’s more of a due month than a due date’ and it is that kind of mentality in general that really made my first pregnancy very worry-free and stress-free. I couldn’t be more grateful for the care I received and continue to receive from the UVM Medical Center midwives.”

From Stephanie C.:

“I don’t remember exactly where I heard the advice to trust my body in its natural ability to give birth, whether it was in our birthing class or during a routine check-up, but I took a lot of comfort in it. In the throes of labor, I thought back to my midwife telling me to trust myself, to trust that birth was a natural process, and to let my body do its work instead of fighting against it. My labor lasted a full 24 hours, and it took a lot of courage and commitment to trust my body through it all, but thankfully, we had our midwife by our side the whole time and in the end, we had a healthy baby boy who brings so much light into our lives.”

From Melissa D.:

“When I was finally pregnant with our first child, we knew that I would have to have a cesarean birth and it was pretty terrifying to anticipate. Some other scares and disappointments made the time before/after our son’s birth joyous and tumultuous! Midwives Marti, Krista, and Cory saw us through with expertise, flexibility, and kindness. We placed our trust in them! We returned when I was unexpectedly and miraculously pregnant with our daughter and enjoyed how they candidly joined with us around that miracle.”

From Anastasia G.:

“Not only did we get the pleasure of having the midwives throughout my pregnancy and delivery, but also got to take the birthing class offered through the UVM Medical Center. The class and midwives taught my husband and I that, not only was raising a child a partnership, but labor and delivery was also a partnership.  Having my husband there, aware and knowledgeable because of the questions he was able to ask the midwives made both of our experiences better. We were able to ask any question no matter how silly and it was always answered with understanding and compassion.”

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