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Khris Vroegop, RN, is a nurse manager of the Mother-Baby Unit at The University of Vermont Medical Center.

Khris Vroegop, RN, is a nurse manager of the Mother-Baby Unit at The University of Vermont Medical Center.

Our new Mother-Baby Unit continues to come to life! As each day goes by, we find ourselves closer to summer when the new unit will open and bring with it essential upgrades, operational changes, and most importantly, enhancements to the patient experience.

Here are just a two reasons why we are so excited about our new Mother-Baby Unit:

Private Rooms for New Families

A majority of the patient rooms will be private with a private bathroom. That means that nursing staff will be able to provide more individual, family-centered care. That also means keeping moms, babies, and families together more than ever. We know from scientific research – and from listening to mothers and families in our own community – that keeping babies and moms together is the best thing to make the transition from pregnancy to family, both emotionally and physiologically.

Helping babies connect with mom physically as soon as possible after birth is something that we have been doing for a long time here. We know skin-to-skin contact is important for babies who need help with breastfeeding, temperature regulation, and blood sugar stabilization. Something as simple as keeping baby and mom together, encouraging them to touch each other, training nursing and medical staff to not remove the baby from his or her family for tests, treatments, vital signs, and routine care are all things that we have been doing and will continue to get better at when the new unit opens. We know it matters!

Spaces for Mom’s Support Team

The Mother-Baby Unit will provide dedicated space for mom’s support person. We know how important you folks are, and we want you to feel welcome in our new space. There are Murphy beds, charging ports, and electrical outlets to accommodate all of your “stuff,” as well as dimmable lights, individual HVAC units in each room, and a spacious waiting area for other visitors who might want to be nearby while mom and baby are resting.

We value you because we know you will be with mom and baby at home, and we want to take every opportunity to teach you how to support both of your loved ones to the fullest capacity. That not only includes learning how to change diapers and support moms with feeding the baby, but also taking your turn during the night shift when mom is exhausted and needs help. Teaching you how to cope with a baby who is awake frequently during the night is a proactive approach. It may truly help you develop strategies to help everyone get as much sleep as possible over the long haul.

By partnering with mom, you will be able to help keep her grounded and focused when she is tired and ready to throw out all of the plans that were so important to both of you. The nursing staff will be instrumental in helping both of you figure this all out. It’s one of our specialties! It’s our pleasure to help you get your family started off right and one of the most rewarding parts of being a Mother Baby nurse. We are eager to see you in the new unit and look forward to helping you begin your time as a new family. See you this summer!

Khris Vroegop, RN, is a nurse manager of the Mother-Baby Unit at The University of Vermont Medical Center. 

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