Genavix Wellness™ Powered by the Edge is proud to be partnering with the University of Vermont Health Network and excited to be a part of the Everything Counts Program and Giveaway. Here is the the story one of our Genavix graduates, Denise Groll.

Denise Groll, after losing 12 pounds through the Genavix program powered by The EDGE.

Denise Groll, after losing 12 pounds through the Genavix program powered by The EDGE.

I have always struggled with keeping my weight down. Marriage, a career, being a student and having two kids has kept my life full, but I always made time to keep my weight in check. In 2013, I was given an early diagnosis of breast cancer. All of a sudden I was losing the weight war that I had fought so hard to win. After a very successful recovery, I returned to my active life of running, working out, and dieting. It wasn’t working. By the end of 2015, I weighed an all-time high.

What prompted me to sign up for Genavix? I talked to some of the coaches and what they were offering was The 90-Day Commitment to Get Fit Program. It would provide a holistic approach to health and wellness, including nutrition, stress management, exercise and a place to meet and learn the science behind it all. I joined, I was assessed, and I began my journey with a group of people like me trying to figure it all out.

I spent 90 days with some of the nicest people I have ever met. All from different walks of life, with different goals, abilities, and concerns. I not only learned the science so I could own the process for myself, but for the first time in a long time I saw results that made me gain the self-confidence that I had lost so much of in the past few years.

My records indicate that I have lost several inches and 12 pounds to date. I am also stronger and my cholesterol went down 32 points!

Genavix broke it all down for me and helped me understand how to apply the concepts to my everyday life. It also helped me achieve a different mind-set and emotional approach to weight management. Every aspect of the program gives you the knowledge, the expertise of professionals and the support of other people like you in order to apply it to find success for life. The program can work for anyone, whether you are new to exercise and eating healthier, or if you have some knowledge and want to learn more and get support as well. All you need is a desire to be healthy and fit.

Denise Groll before enrolling in the Genavix program.

Denise Groll before enrolling in the Genavix program.

I found that I loved strength training! Before, I had been a cardio addict. Genavix showed us that in order to burn more calories, you need to build more lean muscle and it helps fuel your metabolism. We do not want our metabolism to slow down because we are losing weight. I now alternate between cardio and strength every other day.  I have lost inches in arms legs, waist, etc.

This program is truly unique in its approach to health and wellness with the full body in mind. If you are ready to take the next steps to advocate for your health contact us today! Our upcoming enrollment session will begin June 20 and will meet every Monday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. There is no better time to make the Commitment to a Healthier You!

Genavix Wellness™ is a network of health and fitness facilities throughout New England offering the same pervasive wellness programs. The Edge is the founding member of the network in Vermont and is the only club in the state offering the revolutionary HealthyCARE™ 90 Day Commit to Get Fit Program. This is not a diet or workout plan, but a comprehensive and holistic approach to wellness designed to provide individuals with an education to enrich their lives and help them become healthier. Groups of 10-15 meet once a week for two hours with their Nationally Certified Genavix Wellness Coach; the first hour is lecture and discussion and the second hour is exercise. Over the course of 13 weeks, individuals learn the fundamental aspects of fitness, nutrition, stress management and behavior modification.

Prior to the start of the program and upon completion, individuals receive a complete biometric screening. During this thorough health risk assessment, individuals receive a full blood lipid profile (HDL, LDL, total cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting blood glucose), blood pressure and resting heart rate, 5 circumference measurements, height and weight, bioelectrical impedance (lean mass, fat mass, body fat percentage, resting metabolic rate, intracellular hydration) and 4 functional fitness tests. The participant receives a detailed snapshot of their overall health and sets wellness goals for the 3 months of the program and beyond with the help of their Wellness Coach.

In addition to the pre and post biometric screening, participants receive a customized exercise program built 1-1 with a Personal Trainer. Participants also receive lifetime access to the Genavix portal and manual, providing hundreds of recipes, online journaling, and detailed information on the content of the program.

Learn more at, or contact the Genavix team at and 802-951-2320.

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