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Khristin is a nurse manager of the Mother-Baby Unit at The University of Vermont Medical Center.

Khristin is a nurse manager of the Mother-Baby Unit at The University of Vermont Medical Center.

We are blessed to serve so many families at the University Of Vermont Medical Center. As the nurse manager of the Mother-Baby Unit, I want to share some especially exciting news for the families that call The University of Vermont Medical Center “their” hospital!

If you haven’t heard yet, and even if you have, I want to tell you about a project that is near and dear to my heart. Over the past three years, we have worked to plan for, design, and build a new Mother-Baby Unit! The unit is now in the final stages of construction and will be ready for its first patients in the early summer months of 2015.

This project is literally taking shape before my eyes. After looking at the blue prints for almost three years, I am finally able to make out the general outlines of each room, sheet rock is ready to go up, IT wires are all in place and the nursing staff have been given their first peek of the space they will call “theirs” in a few short months. To say that the excitement level is increasing would be an understatement!

What does the space look like and how was it designed? Let me tell you: The space has been designed to make you, our patients, feel safe and comfortable. Special care is being taken to make it beautiful, restful, and quiet (understanding that restful and quiet are relative terms when newborns are involved)! Our desire is for you to experience your first days as a new family as comfortably as possible in an environment that enables you to be cared for, a place where you can learn from our expert staff while resting and preparing for your journey home.

IMG_4909Special features that are being planned to meet the needs of the variety of patients we serve are:

  • A room on the unit that can accommodate bariatric patients safely and comfortably.
  • Three rooms that can be used to accommodate more than one patient that will be used in times of unexpected high census and that will ensure that all Mother-Baby patients are able to stay in the Mother-Baby Unit with expert nursing care and attention provided by the experienced Mother-Baby staff.
  • A special suite of rooms that allow close proximity for discharged moms so that they can continue to bond with and care for their babies until it is safe for them to be discharged home.
  • A comfortable waiting area so that families and visitors can be nearby to visit when mom and baby are ready.
  • Sleeping space in each room for the person who will be supporting mom throughout her stay. There is a comfortable sleeping place in the new mom’s room especially planned for the person who will be helping her care for the baby during the night time hours so that they can be close by and helpful while also getting some downtime when possible.

The new unit is located in the Baird building on the seventh floor just down the hall from labor and delivery and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The Mother-Baby staff is very much looking forward to caring for patients in this new space. We are eager to meet all of you and care for you as your new families get a great start here at the University of Vermont Medical Center!

Khris Vroegop, RN, is a nurse manager of the Mother-Baby Unit at The University of Vermont Medical Center. 

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